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Primo Contatto

Primo Contatto is a multilingual contact center located in Moldova.

Since 2008 we have been working for the international market by customer service, telemarketing, events, telesales, back office, chat, email, surveys and other BPO services.

We provide our services to major italian and international companies. Our competitive prices added to the obtained excellent results make us to be an excellent solution for those who are looking to outsource a service to reduce costs without sacrificing quality.

Our mission: to provide high quality services at highly competitive prices.

Our operators are able to support more than twenty languages, including English, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Romanian, Ukrainian, Russian, Turkish, Hebrew, Polish, Bulgarian, etc.


Primo Contatto contact center is located in Chisinau, capital of the Republic of Moldova. This location at the heart of Europe allows our European partners to join us in a few hours by plane. Moldova was chosen because the Moldovan citizens are very skilled in speaking different languages with a neutral accent. In addition to this, the low operational cost that allows us to offer our services at a much lower price than other outsourcing European companies.

You can contact us for a free trial with no obligation, we will be happy to evaluate our possible contribution to your specific needs and arrange the details together for a winning combination.

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