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Inbound Calls

Primo Contatto outsources call-center offers and effective multi-language hotline that works both in the B2B and B2C market. This include:

Customer service
Primo Contatto offers multilingual support 24 hours a day/7 days a week. This inbound service is offered by phone, chat or email. PRIMO CONTATTO contact center knows that customers are important and we treat yours as if they were ours. Understanding their needs, helping them or guiding them is our aim doing customer service for our partners.

Virtual Assistant/ Secretary Services
Primo Contatto call center offers virtual assistance that will take care of chat, calls and emails of your website. Also, we offer virtual secretary for professionals that want to reduce operational cost without losing the services of a secretary.

Technical Help Desk
Primo Contatto’s technical help desk support services have skilled professional technicians that are able to solve the problem of your client in the easiest and quickest way. Customer satisfaction is our primary target and we think that 100% customer satisfaction is a possible target.

Outbound Calls

Outbound calls refers to telemarketing, telesales, survey and database cleaning services.

Telemarketing, warm or cold calling represents a direct marketing tool used to find new potential customers and encourage them to use a service or to meet a consultant.

Sales   campaign. Contacting warm or cold leads and selling them products and services

Survey   represents a good method of knowing customer’s desire or to control the customer satisfaction towards a service or a product.

Debt Recovery   Service consists in contacting customers overdue debt via phone.

Data Cleaning   consists in checking, qualifying and modifying an existing database. It’s a very important job, especially when make it before another telemarketing project.

Email Management

Answer the phone is not all we can do! Primo Contatto is specialized in email management as well. We can assist our clients and their businesses to handle their emails based on their needs and requirements.

Back Office

Primo Contatto Back Office Support represents the best solution for the company which is looking for focusing its energy in its core business and leaving to the outsourcing partner to manage all the rest.

Media Monitoring

Website posting, Blog, Social Media Networking let one customer to get in contact with millions of other possible customers. Opinions about a service or a product impact a company’s reputation and the impression on the quality of your products or services. Primo Contatto Media Monitoring Team’s goal is to control, check and modify everything when it’s not properly used on the web.

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