Security of 360°: never rely on randomness

Safety is one of the major current issues of today and for Primo Contatto it is also one of the most important focuses in the relationship with its customers. Primo Contatto pays particular attention to the current European regulations, offering the client an updated service both in terms of personal protection and working activity. For this reason we comply with the Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 and the GDPR in relation to Article 28.

What exactly do we talk about when we mention the word “security“? Security means many aspects of a company that offers telemarketing and call center services, which concern two main aspects: the visible side and the “invisible” side. We are talking about a visible side when we refer to the sphere of services offered, while we are talking about an “invisible” side when we mean all those criteria for storing personal data and compliance with privacy protection regulations. Let’s analyze them in detail:

Protection of Personal Data: it is important that the personal data of the customer and the relative company are protected in the best possible way, in order to avoid unwanted disclosure. In particular, the protection of privacy concerns every aspect of the company, including the data of suppliers, collaborators and customers of the same, which must be archived and protected according to legislation.

Services Offered: the services offered include both outsourcing and advertising and online marketing services. In the first case we have a collection of sensitive data relating to potential users that must be contacted or contacted by the company, whose privacy is important to protect. In the second case we talk in particular about the data managed during the opening of an advertising campaign or in particular the development of a website.

When developing a website with the purchase of a domain, the personal data of the purchaser come into play which, if not properly protected, can be visible online to all. Try yourself by entering the domain of your website on the privacy control website and you will be able to view what data appears, from the account holder to the provider on which the site is located.

Speaking of websites it is important not only to protect the personal data of the owner, but also to declare on the website itself the intention to protect the data that the user enters on the website. According to the new GDPR regulation that came into force on May 28th, 2016, the owner of a website must declare to whom this site belongs and the way in which the data that users enter are managed, in order to protect privacy. It is therefore essential for a website to be updated according to the regulations and the protection of personal data.

We have seen how aspects that are often left in the background are fundamental to be updated according to the regulations in force and how the word “security“, often exposed in a vague and unclear way, is actually one of the fundamental points that define the reliability of a company. In the field of telemarketing and call centers a large number of data belonging to the users are stored, these are sensitive data that the company must preserve from possible violations and spreads. For this reason it is necessary to rely on a serious structure. A competent partner is not who transmits a feeling of security, but who demonstrates that the data communicated is preserved in the correct way.