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A Multilingual Call Center to get out of your own borders

For a company that wants to offer itself effectively on the global market, having a multilingual customer service is a strong point of power.

Managing customer service optimally is the best tool for customer loyalty. The rapid and qualitative solution of any problems that customers experience is massively improving customer satisfaction to the services or products that the company is offering. And since statistics say that it is seven times more expensive to look for a new customer than to keep the current client happy, the effort of each company must be addressed to this direction.

Plus, your happiest customers will become the best sponsors for your business, at no extra cost. Will speak enthusiastic about customer service to all their friends, family and online. This advertisement is the best and priceless! Faced with giant, and impersonal, companies every small business can gain a significant advantage over large competitors when they offer excellent customer service to a global audience.

In a completely connected way, offering the possibility to your customers to have support in their own language is certainly a plus that will incentive the company’s sales. If your company can quickly serve customers from a multilingual perspective, imagine how many more customers you can reach?

On the other hand, for a small medium company it is not easy to maintain a multilingual call center set up and operating at a high level. Creating a high-quality multilingual call center is not a simple business. When small and medium-sized enterprises try to create a multilingual internal Call Center, they will face many challenges along the way.

To begin with, unless you have personally learned more languages you will not be easily able to control the scripts and the language of the customer service to make sure your brand is communicated to your customers in the way you want. Often, implications and meanings get lost in translation. Your product and your services deserve more than a rough “Google translate” approach. Without knowing more languages, you yourself have no way to control and understand how marketing materials or customer service scripts are encountering another language.

When it comes to customer service, different cultures have different expectations. Even when you consider America and Europe the differences can be significant. Americans are accustomed to a very chatted, friendly and busy customer service. While Europeans prefer a thinner approach and often feel the American approach is annoying. On the other hand, Americans may not feel cared for when they experience European customer service. This is without even considering other cultures with more significant differences that communicate using a language other than English. Trying to get this in-House is more than difficult.

Recruitment, training and integration into a company of a new team of members with staff from different cultures creates a lot of challenges. As well as it is necessary to provide training, to ensure consistency of the brand. You must be able to provide them experiences and a practice.

Last but not least, the opening and launching of a multilingual internal call center are full of high costs for infrastructure for rent, hiring costs, education, Recruitment, furniture, software, and continuing education.


The Solution? Outsource the multilingual Call Center to obtain immediate and reliable results.

By outsourcing the multilingual call Center, you will not have to worry about the high costs of creating an internal multilingual Customer Support Service. Everything will be taken care of, so the company can devote more time to the main activities like the growth of the global business.

A multilingual external call center will already have High quality support staff in place to meet and exceed all your expectations. They already have the expertise and experience to manage other similar business customers.

Outsource the Call Center means skipping the learning curve that the company should suffer by creating an internal call center. And using a company whose specialty is providing multilingual customer service means they have already done all possible mistakes, and learned from them, to provide a better service.

A very important point is that using an outsourcing partner for the Customer Support you can scale up or down as needed. For example, if winter holidays are the busiest selling season, then you might ask for a package that offers more agents on a seasonal basis. Outsourcing multilingual Call Center understands the importance of the winter shopping season, they will already have trained staff and ready to go when needed. Think about how satisfied your customers will be when they know they have assistance ready for them in their mother tongue.

The reputation of the company will improve because it has a Call Center staff able to communicate clearly and effectively with customers who speak different languages.

Working with Primo Contatto Multilingual Contact Center your company will be able to offer assistance by speaking your client’s language. It is an investment due to those who believe that they do not want to remain a single country activity.