Contact Center: Because sometimes small is better

Choosing a contact center to support your business can be vital to its future.

Regardless of the functions that your company will give to the contact center (customer service or telemarketing) the operators will be the voice of your company and customers will give a vote to your service or product based on their work.

Let’s start by explaining that not all companies need the same type of partner contact center. And let’s try to understand which is the best choice especially differentiating 2 categories: large contact centers and small ones.

If our comparison is based only on cost, the choice would obviously be to the advantage of small contact centers. An hour of work can cost 5, 6 but even 8 times less.

But cost is not always the basis of a choice. If you are a new company that needs to look for investors on the market and then sell your project, associating your name with that of a large world contact center company will help you to give depth to your project. And therefore to find investors.

Another very important point to evaluate is reliability. The guarantees offered by the great market rulers are the basis of their business. But we must not stop our analysis of reliability by assuming that a small contact center cannot be sufficiently evolved to be able to compete on this issue with the big names. What do you mean by reliability? Having the guarantee of always being online whatever happens? Have guarantees on privacy and data management? Now even the little ones know how to respond to these needs. Maybe if you need a supercertificated reliability (always for investors) the big call center is the natural answer, otherwise it is worthwhile to look for who among the small ones can provide you what you want and halve your cost.

For small companies, but sometimes even for large companies, flexibility is a very important factor. Having the ability to change the request and the rules of collaboration as quickly as possible is a quality that can change between success and failure. For this point the small contact centers will always have a faster response than the big ones that have to do more steps to get the necessary confirmations for the strategy changes.

As a final point, but not in order of importance, I would also put the importance that you want to be given to your project. Certainly both companies will do their utmost to make the task assigned to them a success, but while for large contact centers, yours is just one of the many important jobs they have in the pipeline, for a small contact center every job is a great opportunity, to work carefully, not to fail, because in their annual budget your contribution is an important percentage.

At Primo Contatto Multilingual Contact Center every job is followed with the utmost care and attention knowing that the efficiency of the service provided and its results are the basis for an ongoing collaboration. And for Primo Contatto Multilingual Contact Center your company is very important.