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The importance of dialogue and human relationship in a communication

The fundamental element of a Call Center is the dialogue with a user represented by the final customer, a demanding target that claims immediate and specific answers. Often kindness is not enough, it is necessary to train specialized, informed operators who are able to cope even with emergencies or an angry customer. That’s why it’s important to know the target to cope with a difficult user:


  • The Offloader and the Empathy factor: the offloader is the user who makes a phone call to protest but without feeling resentful towards the company. A drawback linked to the company becomes for the offloader a reason for personal venting, it is a user who does not need concrete help but only a way to let off steam. In this case it is important to know how to respond in an empathic way, favoring the user with comprehension phrases and a stable tone of voice.
  • The Legitimate Grievance and the User Gratitude / Valorization factor: we are talking about Legitmate Grievance when it is necessary to deal with a legitimate mistake committed by the company and therefore face a customer who has suffered actual damage. The user may be angry or annoyed by the damage suffered, so it is important in this case to face him according to the company directives, proposing compensation or starting the practice related to these errors. The most important factor is not to lose your temper and show an attitude of gratitude towards the customer: the customer has in fact reported an error that can contribute to improving the company, it is important to ensure that he perceives this contribution and feels valued .
  • The abusive or aggressive customer and the Stability factor: it can sometimes happen to face emergencies of users who face the operator angrily, using vulgar tones or even threats and insults. The important thing with these irascible users, regardless of the reason for the call, is not to lose your temper and use a stable attitude: supporting the customer by informing him with a firm tone that the telephone conversation is recorded, it is important not to respond to threats and to a worsening close the conversation.

We have seen how factors such as user empathy, gratitude or appreciation and stability are necessary to cope with certain emergencies but are also applicable to a daily target. The main task of an operator is indeed to respond to the user in an efficient manner, with a stable and empathetic approach that is able to grasp the user’s attitudes to transmit security, understanding and trust. A major factor for customer loyalty is linked to the educational aspect of communication, which aims to provide additional, quality information: precisely the quality allows the user to gain confidence in the company. It is therefore important to centralize the user and involve him in the activity of the company, asking for his opinion or inviting him to express an opinion.