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How to sell with social media & affiliate networks and survive

Sales using social media & affiliate networks have exploded in recent years. Do you want to start this business? Good choice! But let me give you some advice.

Many people have entered this sector by relying on “experts” and leaving their shirts and debts around.

Let’s start from the base. For those unfamiliar with the world of CPA I try to present it quickly. You have a product to sell. You don’t want to enter the market using standard online channels as Ebay or Amazon but you rely on companies that will provide you orders. Great, right? Moreover, you will only pay a commission for each order that is confirmed. No fixed fees!

Are you already thinking about how to enter this world? Let me continue 😊.

Nobody gives anything. First thing you need to know is that for every order you are given, you must pay a lot. Up to 50% of the initial sale price. So, you must find products to sell where you have a large profit margin and where you can even make telephone upsells. In fact, it’ s a good thing to confirm all orders before being shipped (only for those shipped you will be charged for the marketer) and when you are confirming it is a good thing to offer to end customer an “incredible” offer that allows you to collect more money. An expert call center, with the correct product, can triple the number of products sold on average for each order (with one of our customers we had the average of 3.4 !!).

Always convinced to start up your own business using affiliate marketing? Wait, I haven’t completed it yet.

Let’s sum up and give a numerical example. You received a $ 50 order and confirmed it. Through the call center you have managed to double the final cost for the customer to $ 100. You are very happy. Spend $ 25 for the marketer, $ 8 for shipping, $ 12 for the product. Total cost for you $ 45, Income $ 100. You just earned $ 55! ideally. Yes … ideally, because it misses the last but essential step. To allow you to upsell mostly of CPAs companies work with cash on delivery … so until the customer pick up the goods, and pays it, your $ 55 is just a figure written on an Excel spreadsheet. While the $ 33 is an expense regardless. This is the main obstacle that closes activities that have great potential on paper. At a last expo I attended I heard about companies that had 40% success delivery rate. Impossible to work with these percentages.

Always convinced to start this business? Very Good! I am with you and I believe that there is potential for doing it very well.

Allow me a couple of tips. Search for honest marketing affiliates. Again, at the last expo we learned about “professionals’ marketers” in creating fake confirmed orders. 😊 The same advice in the choice of the call center. Look for experience and rely on those who work on this type of market and know its merits defects and solutions.

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