Customer Service: my best sales department

Few years ago, customer support or after-sales support were seen only as cost centers for which the investment had to be as small as possible. In the age of social media, where every person has the access, this perception has finally fallen apart. This is caused by many determining factors.

There are now thousands of companies, that are selling the same products around. The customer most of the time makes comparisons on the price, others always believe in the reviews. However, the only person could make the difference is that one, who is to your disposal to help you choose, to convince you to buy a certain product. A bit like in traditional shops. It doesn’t matter if customers chat, telephone or email, he likes to be pampered and expect to receive answers quickly. Time is more important than the cost. This can influence the purchase choice, much more than a few euros difference.

Another important point to highlight: if something about product, or service, goes wrong (which can happen) the customer is happy to receive serious and immediate assistance. In the opposite case, but with greater emphasis, the customer cannot stand longer to not receive an adequate assistance than in a certain time. Here, it is essential to have excellent customer service that manages the problem on all possible channels in order to reduce the possibility of negative posts or reviews. These remain and have negative impact  on the next sales. Considering this, it is good to remember that many statistics now make it clear that customers do not like to entrust their problems to switchboards or artificial intelligence. It makes the client feel as if his problem is not taken seriously. The human side, especially when timely, is highly valued.

Invest in efficient, timely and perhaps multilingual customer service. Your customers will appreciate it. And in the end, you will find that you can save a lot in advertising if you pamper your acquired customers a little more.