Cost optimization is an extremely important common goal for both your business and ours – therefore, we ensure a better operational experience of global customer service from the perspective of management technology and contact center to achieve maximum cost reduction, improving the efficiency of our customers’ service; for large projects, we use the most advanced workforce resource management (WFM) software in the contact center industry to manage the complex dynamics of the call center team. Primo Contatto’s customer service management team has always the highest priority to provide customers with the profitable benefits of working with an affordable contact center; we know how successfully turn customer complaints into huge opportunities for business growth, guaranteeing positive five-star reviews, as we regularly analyze operational data for even more valuable opportunities that increase business profits and increase sales revenue.

Our outstanding global strategy in the process of outsourcing customer service successfully generates strong brand value for each company; Primo Contatto’s experience of over 12 years in managing global customer service outsourcing and contact center technology has generously brought us global customers in various industries (industries such as: travel, consumer electronics, government visas, cross-border e-commerce, medical equipment, security, education, transport, machinery, chemicals, games, etc.) who have already rewarded us and talked a lot about our business.


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