Hiring experienced customer service representatives is essential for any business. The customer service call center plays an important role in the success of a business because customer service acts as the front line of companies. Primo Contatto will provide your company with experienced and professional agents, who will efficiently take care of all the needs of your clients.


Multichannel customer support

In addition to our Customer Service Call Center, we offer the multichannel customer support for large or small businesses. Managing social media is the key in establishing brand awareness and building loyalty. Primo Contatto has experience in managing phone calls, emails, live web chat, and social media messages as part of our global customer support solution. We’ll help you to resolve your customers’ concerns across all digital channels helping you to optimize the service delivery.

Multilingual customer service solution

Whether you own a large or small business, by offering the customer support in multiple languages will help your business stand out from the wide competition. We support over 20 languages to help you easily answer all customer questions and expand your business globally. All our representatives have fluent knowledge of the language, which allows them to interact comfortably with all your customers.
Our call center agents are carefully trained on your products or services so that they can communicate professionally with end customers on behalf of your company. When your brand work with our team, you will receive the best possible support. In Primo Contatto we understand that a comprehensive strategy of your customer service outsourcing process creates a value for your company’s brand. That’s why we’re able to handle customer service calls, whether you’re using an e-commerce site or a particular platform to conduct business. Each company must provide its customers with the necessary care and support to ensure its functioning in the success of each process.
We are looking forward to capitalizing on many years of experience in managing customer service lines for you and offering you a complete and high-quality services. The customer service line can be managed around the clock in one of the many languages that we can offer to the customer.
The technological services, which are offered to our customers include the recording of each phone call and IVR (Interactive Voice Response).
The quality of all phone calls is monitored by our experts, who listen to the calls and then analyze them together with the operators to improve constantly the quality of the calls and the satisfaction of the customers who call.

IVR – Interactive voice response

Interactive Voice Response is an automatic voice system that allows you to provide or receive certain information from the customer without the intervention of a live operator.
It is a sales promotion tool for products and services and is also used to serve incoming calls. IVR also allows you to collect and filter calls or orders in a group, which guarantees minimal costs for the staff with the highest processing quality.
If callers are on hold, our IVR system can replicate to customers, for example, the latest news that might be of interest for them or provide an automatic answer to frequently asked questions.
The IVR can be combined as an additional solution to an Infoline with a live operator or it can be activated in the period between the end and the start of the Infoline operation.

Customer support plays an important role in the success of a business. With outsourcing, you will have access to professionals who have years of experience and experience in customer service. Expert call center agents understand customer needs and will be able to help you keep them.

Our long experience as a call center and many satisfied customers are the guarantee of the highest quality of our services.

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