Primo Contatto’s multilingual inbound/outbound sales team has over 12 years of experience in managing e-commerce sales in different industries and regions. We really know how to maximize the sales closing rate and motivate the sales team 24 hours per day. Use our outsourced command-line services and let your employees free to participate in other activities.
Our operators will provide all services and documents necessary to allow your customers for ordering easily the goods or services by phone or online from your website.
If you run an online store, you definitely have more phone calls from your potential customers. We will ensure that calls are answered with the qualitatively and ensure the availability of your order in real time and in accordance with the agreed SLA parameters.


E-commerce sales with incoming or outgoing calls.
Customer service in e-commerce sales with incoming phone calls is very crucial for the customer and not only because of the importance of generating revenue, but also because of the efforts, strategy and budget of the client’s marketing team, and inbound call center team effort as well.
Outgoing calls Sales customer service has a decisive role for the e-commerce customer because confirming orders and buyer data will save money otherwise spent on fake and incomplete orders

Primo Contatto call center team has full experience in Cross-sell, Up-sell and Reorder. We are always working together with the client to design the most optimal strategy for achieving the objectives of the client’s marketing and sales team in Cross-sell, Up-sell and Reorder.
In the e-commerce industry, building a solid reputation is essential, as it is providing consistently positive experience to all your customers. A single negative review can damage your image in the online community and significantly affect your sales. Based on this, it is essential that the first point of contact for customers is professional, polite and convenient. Primo Contatto’s e-commerce call center services can improve the customer experience and expand business coverage in the global market. Our e-commerce customers are rewarded with more loyal customers, higher conversion rates and advantages in the customer experience over their competitors.
As a contact center service provider for e-commerce, we provide customer service by phone, email, social networks, and live web chat with global reach and multilingual capabilities. With our multilingual staff fluently speaking over 30 languages, the consumers can get their questions answered on all these platforms, helping to increase the customer trust.

The additional benefits of working with our eCommerce call center include:
Scalability: Regardless of whether your call volume is small or large, our services are scalable according to your needs. We can add other agents as needed or scale down our team if you decide to reduce services.
Cost savings: You may experience rapid growth and you don’t have the staff to manage the current volume of calls. Working with the experienced Primo Contatto team, you won’t need to set up an e-commerce call center, hire additional employees, or understand labor laws in various international locations. You will also save a lot of money on the equipment and technology needed for answering to many calls.
Customer engagement: Our omnichannel call center has the ability to provide consistency across all service channels. This allows our agents to provide a seamless, unified and personalized customer experience.

Our team manages both small and large volumes of non-stop calls, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to consolidate a reliable image of your business. With multilingual call center agents fluently speaking over 35 languages, we are ready to work with all your clients, regardless their needs.

Our long experience in the e-commerce call center and many satisfied customers are the guarantee of the highest quality of our services.


For a no-obligation free trial, we’ll be happy to evaluate our possible contribution to your specific needs and arrange the details together for a winning combination.



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