Inbound Calls

Primo Contatto Outsourcing Call-Center offers an effective Multi-Language Hotline that works both on B2B and B2C market.

Customer Service
Primo Contatto offers multilingual support 24 hours a day/7 days a week. This inbound service is offered by phone, chat or email. PRIMO CONTATTO contact center knows that customers are important and we treat yours as if it was ours. Understanding their needs, helping them or guiding them is our aim doing customer service for our partners.

Virtual Assistant/ Secretary Services
Primo Contatto call center offers virtual assistance that will take care of chat, calls and emails of your website. Also, we offer virtual secretary for professionals that want to reduce operational costs without losing the services of a secretary.

Technical Help Desk
Primo Contatto’s technical help desk support services have skilled professional technicians that are able to solve the problem of our client in the easiest and quickest way. Customer satisfaction is our primary target and we think that 100% customer satisfaction is a possible target.


Primo Contatto administration is located in Chisinau, capital of the Republic of Moldova. This location at the heart of Europe allows our European partners to reach us in 2-3 hours flight from Europeans capitals. 

For a free trial with no obligation, we will be happy to evaluate our possible contribution to your specific needs and arrange the details together for a winning combination.




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