Every company understands that having a strong presence in social networks is a very important business decision, sometimes more important than even just having a website.

Social media has become an increasingly important channel for marketing, sales and customer service. All over the world we can monitor and manage Twitter, Facebook, and other customer social accounts on behalf of your company to get the most effective way of communication with the public. Primo Contatto’s contact center will instruct you how to set up your account and help you monitor and manage your daily activities on social networks.
Facebook, the giant social media, today has more than 800 million active users, with nearly 500 million people actively using the site every day. In addition, there are over 30 million small business pages active on Facebook now, using the social media platform for reaching new customers and further engage existing customers by sharing the content and product promotions.


The Primo Contatto contact center team has experience in managing social media channels and transforming efforts and investments in social networks into more leads and sales. We are specialized in managing high-performance social networking campaigns such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn for small and large businesses. In Primo Contatto we use relevant social media marketing strategies to grow your business, expand your visibility and achieve your business goals. From managing your brand’s daily content up to mediation and monitoring of interactions between fans and followers. Primo Contatto is here to manage all your ads on any desired social network.

The benefits of Social Media Marketing are to gain traffic and more sales. Use social media channels as the fastest way to reach the customers you want and generate instant sales. Primo Contatto will help you connect with people looking for a business like yours by offering them your products/services. One of the advantages of using social media services is that your ROI (Return on Investment) is assured because your business will only be displayed to potential customers with an 80% chance of taking action, such as buying your products, signing up for the mailing list and take the necessary actions on your website.
Using our social media marketing team, you will never have to worry about developing your brand and updating fans with relevant content. We will help you write new unique content in order to manage professionally your company’s social media (SEO) channels. This will eventually increase engagement, click conversions and lead generation.

Primo Contatto has the knowledge and strategies designed to increase your online presence. This will totally increase awareness of your brand or product, generate leads, increase site traffic and improve sales. We take social media management services off your shoulders so that you can focus on other important areas of business to grow your business, increase credibility, fans, followers and establish your relevance today. Whether your business is in real estate, e-commerce, technology, non-profit organization, manufacturing industry, consumer products, our social network management services will surely position your business to success. Primo Contatto’s social network management services will turn your presence into social networks and optimize your social channels to meet your marketing goals.

Our long experience in social media management and many satisfied customers are the guarantee of the highest quality of our services.

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