Outbound Calls

Telemarketing, Telesales, Survey and Database Cleaning Services.

Lead Generation, warm or cold calling represents a direct marketing tool used to find new potential customers and encourage them to use a service or to meet a consultant.

Sales  campaign – contacting warm or cold leads and selling them products and services

Survey represents a good method of knowing customer’s desire or to control the customer satisfaction towards a service or a product.

Debt Recovery  Service consists in contacting customers with overdue debt via phone.

Data Cleaning  consists in checking, qualifying and modifying an existing database. It’s a very important job, especially when making it before another telemarketing project.
Confirm/Upsell/Crossell, calling your existing clients to verify order and/or propose them some additional items.


Primo Contatto administration is located in Chisinau, capital of the Republic of Moldova. This location at the heart of Europe allows our European partners to reach us in 2-3 hours flight from Europeans capitals. 

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