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Contact Center: Because sometimes small is better

Choosing a contact center to support your business can be vital to its future. Regardless of the functions that your company will give to the contact center (customer service or telemarketing) the operators will be the voice of your company and customers will give a vote...

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A Multilingual Call Center to get out of your own borders

For a company that wants to offer itself effectively on the global market, having a multilingual customer service is a strong point of power. Managing customer service optimally is the best tool for customer loyalty. The rapid and qualitative solution of any problems that customers experience...


Security of 360°: never rely on randomness

Safety is one of the major current issues of today and for Primo Contatto it is also one of the most important focuses in the relationship with its customers. Primo Contatto pays particular attention to the current European regulations, offering the client an updated service both in...