Primo Contatto is an exceptional multilingual and omnichannel call center that exceeds customer expectations and continuously improves customer satisfaction. We are a strategic and long-term way to drive the success of your business; Primo Contatto considers its customers a great value and is happy to provide them with customized customer service solutions that ensure great customer satisfaction experiences that would give your business a strong competitive advantage in the global market.

If your business is looking for a customer service provider call center that successfully provides omnichannel customer service across all communication channels (e.g. phone, email, live web chat and social media) with global coverage and multilingual capability, then Primo Contatto is definitely your preferred choice; With experience over 40 industries, plus over 12 years of experience in the outsourced customer service system, our Team will be 100% committed to taking care of all customer service responsibilities, or other services, and every detail of the entire process of the operations requested by you.

Our global multilingual customer support team provides full coverage 24/7 365 days a year in 6 key locations around the world and in over 35 languages, including, but not limited to, the following languages: English, Spanish, Mandarin/Cantonese, French, Portuguese, German, Russian, Turkish, Arabic, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Italian, all so that enterprises and corporations can successfully expand their opportunities in the global market; ; in addition, our global coverage successfully reaches 5 billion people around the world, with no location limits or time limits. We organize highly flexible CSR shift scheduling plans to meet your actual needs. We are proud to be able to tailor our global customer service and CRM solutions to the needs of each business, regardless of your demographic reach or from various verticals.

The outsourcing team of the Primo Contatto call center has talents in different sectors with different language skills. We are flexible to meet customer needs. Does your company need 1 telemarketer or 300 telemarketers? No problem, PrimoContatto’s multilingual call center outsourcing team is happy to work with you flexibly.


For a no-obligation free trial, we’ll be happy to evaluate our possible contribution to your specific needs and arrange the details together for a winning combination.



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